A new story to tide you over?

Hi everyone! I’m currently working hard on finishing my first novel in ‘The Sacred Omegas’ series! I hope to update you soon. In the mean time, I decided to post the first draft of my VERY first novel (currently unpublished since I’m too lazy to edit it XD) to tide you over while I’m posting the final chapters for December’s story.

The Book is called ‘Ravage the Dawn: Book One’

It’s fiction. It’s vampire related (no they don’t sparkle), I suppose it’s horror-ish? And I feel I have to disclose… while I’m told it has a good story line with a fresh take on vampires, it’s less….dirty than my omega book (this vampire series will get darker and dirtier as the books progress). So you probably don’t need to wait until your alone to read it XD

Anyway! If you are interested, I’ve uploaded it to wattpad. You can find it here:



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