Chapter Preview!

The next chapter is coming soon! Tomorrow…Maybe. What can I say? Writer’s block is a pain. >.<  In the mean time, here is a little teaser from the newest chapter. Enjoy! ^.^

-December slipped off her perch, taking pains to exaggerate the natural sway of her hips as she padded towards the watching male. Little tremors of appreciation mingled with the licking heat of desire reverberating through their bond as she drew near, raising goosebumps along her skin. One large hand closed gently over her shoulder, drawing the small female closer as the alpha bent to tuck his nose beneath her ear. He hummed his pleasure, scenting her in a way he hadn’t allowed himself the luxury of doing for weeks. “You look especially lovely today sweet one.”

December rolled onto tip toes, her own hands circling his neck as she arched into the male’s chest and buried her face in the hollow of his throat. It was her turn to sniff, though she took it a step further and allowed a darting tongue to taste his skin. “You’re only saying that because you got laid.” She teased. The rumbling of his purr deepened, the male’s arms folding around her smaller body as he chuffed his amusement in her hair.

“Learn to take a compliment, dear heart.”

“Yeah, yeah.” She craned to look over his bicep towards the tray nearby, licking her lips eagerly. “What did you bring me for breakfast?”-

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