Chapter 35 Preview

It’s coming, and soon…But in the mean time. Here’s a snippet!

-December was quick to snatch the tray away when he turned to close the door, depositing it on the cushions she’d just abandoned before turning back to throw herself against the alpha’s middle. He ‘oomphed’ in surprise, chuckling as she slid her hands beneath his jacket and pulled herself flush against him. The rich warmth of his purr rumbled to life beneath her ear, immediately soothing her frazzled nerves. “Had I known the idea of my death could inspire such enthusiasm for my company, I might have concocted a ‘threat’ to tell you of before.”

With a frown, she drew back to glare up at him. “That’s not even remotely funny, you ass!” The alpha only smiled, bending forward to sweep her off her feet and up into his arms. December squeaked in surprise, arms closing around his neck as he toted her towards the bed nearby. “What are you doing?”

He smirked as he deposited her on the mattress and promptly started to shed his clothes. “Soothing my mate, as she has been a nervous wreck for the better part of the day and is greatly impairing my ability to focus.” December leaned back on her elbows, pouting as she watched him strip out of his clothes and lay them over the corner of the bed. The gun, he placed on the floor.

“I’m worried, I can’t help it.” She muttered distractedly as her eyes trailing down the male’s beautifully muscled torso to the impressive erection hanging between his legs. Unable to stand at full attention due to sheer girth and length, his cock bobbed and swayed under its own weight with each movement he made, like the sexiest kind of pendulum. She licked her lips.

He crawled over her, a leisurely motion of one hand on her leg pushing her dress up as he lowered his head to tuck his nose beneath her ear. A broad chest expanded slowly as he drew in her scent, palm pausing against the swell of her hip as he groaned in pleasure at what he found. It made December shiver, goose bumps raising along her skin as he nuzzled against her throat. “Your concern is pleasing to me, sweet one. It serves as a reminder that my mate loves me, and longs for me to be with her.”  

She folded her arms around his neck, drawing her legs back against her belly and pointing her feet up over his hips. Heels now to the backs of his thighs, she tried to pull him closer. “Don’t get too cocky.”-

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