Plans For Future Stories…

Of course, as I’m finishing this first draft of my first book, I’m already compiling ideas for new novella/novels/short stories.

So far we’ve got two Omegaverse stories. One, a full novel in my ‘Sacred Omegas’ Series (Sci-Fi this time, with a new twist you haven’t seen before), and the second, a novella (horror/suspense, believe it or not.) Another first for the genre I think!

I’m also entertaining an idea for a demon related horror/erotica that I think will be a very gut wrenching and emotional journey for reader. No HEA here, but something original I think you’ll enjoy. 😀

I’m also entertaining the idea of doing flash fiction pieces here, in my blog. My question to YOU is, would you be interested in that if I did? If so, what sort of writing would you like to see me do? I like to think I’m versatile enough to write other genre’s or topics, so I’m open and happy to entertain any ideas or input you might have! Please feel free to share 😀

Once again, thank you all for the support and encouragement you have so generously given! I feel very positive and excited about this journey, and so happy to share it with you 😀

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