Beta Reader Survey, ARC Sign Ups, Etc.

1st Draft Beta Reader Survey

First, please let me thank you for taking the time to assist me with this endeavor! Your feedback and criticism are very important. To take part in the Beta Reader Survey and be considered for the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) program/feedback exchange once the publication date draws near, please answer the following questions and send your completed survey and contact information (email) using the contact form on my website ( ), or through private message on wattpad ( ).

For those interested in being considered for the ARC, please complete the following survey and submit it along side your email address via the provided information above. Once the publication date nears, those who have been chosen to participate will be contacted via email to ask if they still wish to participate (most likely chosen through a lottery draw of participant names). Once you have indicated your continued interest and availability, you will be given an ebook copy of the novel. In return, I would ask only that those who do participate and read the book provide honest feedback via amazon’s feedback system on the book’s release date. Please understand, there will a limited number of copies available for the ARC group, and not everyone who submits themselves for consideration will be chosen. If you ARE chosen for the ARC list and do not post feedback, you will be removed from the list for all future novels.

For each of these questions, please consider the following; If your answer is ‘no’ or ‘unsatisfied’ to any query listed, please address ‘why not?’ in your response. This will help me improve the reading experience. Feel free to be as descriptive with your answers as you’d like. Thank you!

1. Does the story begin with an interesting hook, or create a desire to read more?

2. Are the characters compelling, sympathetic, or someone you can root for?

3. Do the characters feel real and three-dimensional, with distinct voices, flaws, and virtues?

4. Are their goals clear and proactive enough to influence the plot?

5. Do the character’s motivations seem believable? Are the emotions they exhibit appropriate?

6. Are the relationships between the characters believable and not contrived?

7. Are the internal and external conflicts well defined for the main characters?

8. Are the internal and external conflicts organic and believable?

9. Is there enough tension /high enough stakes throughout to make the story a page turner?

10. Does the premise avoid cliché and/or bring a fresh perspective to the genre?

11. Are the plot twists believable and unexpected?

12. Do the characters act or react to events in a plausible, realistic way?

13. Does the story progress in a realistic manner with good transitions between scenes?

14. Does every scene add to the story or seem relevant and important to the plot?

15. Is there a hook at the end of each chapter that makes you want to continue reading?

16. Is the book free from backstory or information dumps that slow down the story more than is necessary?

17. Are the descriptions of places and events vivid and clear?

18. Did you notice any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the time sequences, places, character details, or other details of the story?

19. Do the details enhance or distract from the story?

20. Is the dialogue natural and appropriate for the story?

21. Does the dialogue move the story forward and let you become familiar with who the characters are as people?

22. Are the characters voices consistent and unique?

23. Is the mixture of dialogue and narrative a good balance?

24. Does the writing ‘show’ the scene, or tell it?

25. Does the writing quality allow the story to shine through and draw the reader in, or are there enough flaws to be jarring and intrusive?

26. Does the quality or tone of the story stay consistent and true through its entirety?

27. Are the point of view shifts from character to character easy to identify/transition smoothly without detracting from the story?

28. What is your overall impression of the book?

29. Do you feel this story is unique, or that it has a fresh take on the genre?

30. Does the story deliver on the premise?

31. From a reader’s point of view, did you enjoy reading this book?

32. Are there any confusion sections that could be made clearer?

33. Were there facts or scenes that annoyed or frustrated you?

34. Do any sections of the story distract you from the main plot, or seem unnecessary?

35. Is the story a good fit for the genre?

36. Who was your favorite, and least favorite characters? Why?

37. What aspects/qualities about the protagonist(s) are likable or unlikable?

38. What three things about this story worked best for you?

39. What three things worked least for you?

40. Was the ending satisfying and/or believable?

41. What was your favorite part of the book?

42. There is always room for improvement. What do you feel could be improved upon in this book (grammar, plot, structure, world building, character development, etc.) if anything?

Your time and feedback are appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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