‘What’s on my Kindle?’

So, just for funzies, I’m going to start a new blog post called, as you may have guessed, ‘What’s on my Kindle?’ Basically? Book recommendations. Have a suggestion of something you think I need to read? Send it my way!

Book Number One:

In a world where demons live in hiding among humans, Adie Pond is a stranded succubus locked out of dreamland. She wants to live a quiet life on the corporeal plane, fit in with humans, and have as much of a normal life as a demon can. She thinks she’s come up with a great alternative to sexing humans to death: open a bakery! The happy feelings humans let off while indulging in sweet treats is just what she needs to feed her own cravings!

But her plans hit a roadblock when a chance encounter brings her to the attention of three sexy demons with an agenda of their own. Tobias, Emil, and Kellen want to stay on the human plane just as much as Adie does, and to do that, they need a succubus. Lucky for them, Adie fits all their requirements.

Only Adie refuses to simply give into their demands. Her normal life doesn’t include demonic complications. She can be just as determined as they can, especially when they try to force her into a corner. Will these four demons come to a compromise, or will more than sparks fly in their battle of wills?

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures towards achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

What can I say? This was one of those ‘This might be crap, but it looks cute so let’s try it’ picks. But, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is it a prolific series (plenty of books to keep you entertained), it’s actually super enjoyable. Witty, well written, a hint of smut, and lots of fun demonology wrapped up in a creative story-line.

Is it a little ridiculous? A little. Did I thoroughly enjoy it anyway? YES! I love all things dark, and this wasn’t it. Not really. But I was still super happy with my purchase. The books following (at least the ones I’ve read so far) are consistent in quality, and are totally on par with the first in the series.

Do I recommend you read it? YUS. Yus I do.

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