What’s on my Kindle?

Because I’m avoiding edits, I decided to make another blog post. 😀

Today, on ‘What’s on my Kindle?’, we have an Addison Cain masterpiece.

Sigil: A Reverse Harem Dark Romance (Irdesi Empire Book 1)

Thumb brushing her lips like a kiss, he promised, “In time, you will learn you need not fear me.”Setting her free, Sovereign’s enigmatic expression grew dark. “You will love me. It is inevitable.”
Not even the farthest corners of the universe can hide her from him.
Sovereign is coming to claim her. To capture his consort. To share her body with his brothers. And to fill her with his seed.
Designed to captivate, programmed to destroy, all Sigil desires is freedom–the one thing the beautiful, deceptive emperor cannot give her. To be loved by Sovereign is to live a life in chains.
Sigil: Irdesi Empire Book 1 is a Reverse Harem Dark Romance laced with complete power exchange and obsessive males who will stop at nothing to possess their woman.


Viciously compelling!” – Anna Zaires, NY Times bestselling author

Dark in the most delicious of ways. This book is twisted, engaging, and eerily captivating. “- Alta Hensley, USA Today Bestselling author

Her craft is masterful and smoldering.” – Anita Gray, Amazon Bestselling Author

“There are heart breakingly poignant scenes, brilliant lines and visceral descriptors that will haunt you for how perfect they complement the story.”

Primal, Otherworldly, Dark Romance. So many twists, you’ll never see it coming!”

It’s like an obsession! This author’s books are like an obsession when you can’t put them down because you will never know just what is going to happen from chapter to chapter.”

Twist after twist! This. Story. Rocks.

Read this story NOW, you won’t be able to put it down!”


Soooooo….If you’re squeamish, or easily triggered, this probably isn’t the book for you. Violence and Dubcon/Noncon and power exchange are a  regular theme in these books. On the other hand, if you like books that make you FEEL something, you might enjoy the experience, even when it’s horrifying.

I love Addison Cain. No, seriously. She’s magical, like a goddamn unicorn. I have never been so simultaneously disturbed, uncomfortable, enthralled, engaged, and aroused by anything else in life like I am her writing. Long story short? Her books will mess you up the most emotionally unsettling, intensely sexy way.

To me, the highest compliment an artist of any sort can receive is that their work made their audience ‘feel’ or experience something when they consumed it. These books certainly accomplish that.

Not only is her world building rich and well evolved, her story telling is fantastic. Couple that with the fact that she doesn’t shy away from the darker parts of life and the ‘human experience’ (and the fact that she writes some of the filthiest, most primal sex scenes around), and you have a writer whose work seems raw, heart wrenching, and real. There are no fairy tale happy endings here, but riding through the darkness with Addison at the wheel is a dangerous, exhilarating experience.

I highly recommend most everything this woman writes.

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