‘The Sacred Omegas’ Update!

Good evening everyone!

Just stopping by with a little update on December and Nikolai’s book.

The second draft is officially done! I’m finalizing contract details with the editor now, and will be sending it off this week. Hopefully, I will receive the editors recommendations before the end of the month and will be able to finalize the third (and hopefully) final draft.

I will then be sending off for one or two ‘alpha’ readers to check it over. 😀

Currently, I am discussing the cover art and swag merch designs (which will go into prize packs for contest winners when the release arrives) with a fabulous artist. We’ll be keeping the original image, but fixin’ it up sexy and dark ^.^

Hopefully, once the book is out of my hands and one the way to the editor, I’ll feel relieved (I’m still a little nervous), and I’ll be able to relax, and do some story prompts and short fiction pieces to entertain ya’ll.

Also? I’m working on the plot for the next book. I was briefly interrupted briefly by the omega who will likely be featured in the third book (they don’t want to wait their turns), who suddenly wanted to tell me all about her story. Annoying when they do that, isn’t it? Just popping in unannounced to distract you from the story line you are currently working on? XD

I’m also looking into starting an email newsletter for those that have been fabulous enough to follow me, and these newsletters will include exclusive info and prize opportunities once we get closer to the publication date.

Anyway! That’s where we are right now!

Thank you for listening to me ramble. I hope you are having a fabulous night!



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