What’s on my Kindle ‘Hunting the Renegade Omega’ by M.D. Pentacles

On today’s episode of ‘what’s on my kindle’, I’m featuring an Omegaverse author who  gives every self-respecting author of smut a run for their money.

They scent her heat… And now the hunt is on…

A pack of six males—banished from the safety of civilization for crimes committed and untold mayhem—must survive in the beyond. Maimed for their misdeeds, they are left without technology or shelter. Without even the comfort of a woman… until now.


Ok, so, first off…If you don’t like dirty, filthy, salacious fun, this book probably isn’t for you. If like myself, however, you do enjoy it, then I have great news! This is the first book in a series! There are several novels out currently, with more to come!

Renegade is unlike any other omega we’ve seen thus far. She is survivor, living beyond the crust, all alone. But she’s not sad about it. In fact, she takes what she wants from life. In this case, that includes half a dozen males that she lures into her trap while she’s in heat. The author has a fresh, original take on Omegaverse ‘mythos’, and she’s made it all her own. Truly, enjoyable!

Uh. M.D. Pentacles, is the queen of filth. Seriously. Bow down and worship the delicious depravity she unleashes with each new novel! If you like Omegaverse and filth, then read this book…No, like…Do it NOW!


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