What’s on My Kindle ‘Red Russia’ Tanya Thompson

This week on ‘What’s on my Kindle’, I’ve got ‘Red Russia, by Tanya Thompson. It’s a total departure from what I usually download, but the cover alone made me want to give it a shot.

“Red in tooth and claw. Ferociously brilliant.” – Cosmo Russia

“A dark, hilarious satire.” – Moscow Truth.

“I laughed so hard I vomited half liter of blood and alcohol.” – Mikhas, Pakhan of the Solntsevskaya Bratva.

Every adventure starts as a fool’s journey, and if you’re lucky it ends with the aeon, but that’s just the Tarot talking. No one really believes this mystical hocus-pocus nonsense, no more than they believe in divinity or fate.

But what if you’ve seen Death running wild with the Devil? What if the Devil promised you the Moon? And when you accepted, the Devil drew Death into a dance with the shadows, spooks, and assassins of Russia’s political underworld? What then?

Well then, you pray the fates are on your side and the deck stacked in your favor.

Red Russia is the story of two Americans in Russia, of business, lies, and deception, of fortunes bought and told.


Well. I don’t even know how to describe it, other than it’s a trip. The way the author writes sucks you in immediately, and you want to continue reading more because her insanely dry sense of humor makes her story all the more interesting.

I honestly, can’t even describe it. I’m so used to reading smut that this total departure from my norm has left me speechless. It’s dark, in a way. It’s funny (though not in a ‘for all ages’ sort of way), and it’s got a surprising amount of depth. Look at the cover. That alone should earn it a spot on your kindle. ❤

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