What’s on my Kindle ‘Demon’s Mark’ Series by Nora Ash

Hello again! Sorry for the silence, I’ve been without internet for a while. It’s been torture. Torture I tell ya! Anyhow, here I am, back again! Thought I’d do another book recommendation today, since it’s Saturday and I know a lot of you are reading away the evening.

Today, we have the ‘Demon’s Mark’ Series by Nora Ash. Did I buy the whole series in one set? Yes. Because I could. I read so much, there was no point in only buying one book in the series, especially since a friend highly recommended them to me.

He is everything she fears – She is everything he needs.

Book 1-6 of the paranormal romance series Demon’s Mark.

After a lifetime of seeing demons, Selma Lehmann thought she had learned to tune them out and pretend like she was perfectly normal. As long as she stayed inside after dark and never looked one of them directly in the eye, she thought she would be safe.
She was wrong.

After a vicious attack, Selma finds herself locked in a psychiatric facility and at the mercy of her worst nightmare – a handsome young psychiatrist with a devil’s horns and eyes like fire.
He will do anything to break her, until she submits her body and soul to him.
The only person who can save her from the ruthless doctor is a Demon Lord with a tortured past and darkness in his heart.
But his price for saving her turns out to be far dearer than what Selma ever suspected.
In return for his protection, he wants her heart.

Demon’s Mark is a dark and very spicy paranormal suspense romance. The series contains mature content and is unsuitable for readers under the age of 18.

Ok, so this series was recommended to me after I expressed a need for something dark and demon-y. Let me tell you, it certainly scratched my itch. The way it started was entirely unexpected and unusual. Twists and turns abound.
While I will give you a spoiler and say there is love involved down the line, the aggressive, dominating, selfish, evil, dirty, demon filled goodness you get along the way was quite enjoyable! It’s definitely a new take on demon related fiction. I greatly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend the series 😀
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