Ok, I might be a little excited XD It’s also my birthday!

Guys, guys! The Sacred Omegas is live!

That’s right, my first novel, an Omegaverse dark romance, is officially published! After starting this process in October, just posting my first few chapters to get opinions on Wattpad, I never thought I’d be publishing my first book within the year!

The response, support, and encouragement I received gave me the courage to push forward, and I have learned so much through the process! I’ve actually decided to start helping other authors make their way to publication, as I see how difficult it can be for those who don’t have the time or funds needed to dedicate to the process of publication.

Thank you all so much for your support! Please, if you’ve read the book (either the revised or rough draft) consider leaving a review. Goodreads features a version of the book that is connected to the rough draft, so people who initially read it on wattpad may wish to review there. It’s also listed on bookbubs and Amazon.


available now

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