What’s On My Kindle – Omega of Sathion by Ana B. Starr

Back again with another new release in the Omegaverse!

Sathion. A new home, where humanity can start over. The planet was gifted to us by a benevolent race of aliens. They intend for us to colonize. I am one of the rare humans who has been chosen to go there.

But en route our transport ship was attacked by pirates, and my friend and I have been kidnapped. These new aliens tell us we are ‘Omegas’. They tell us we are meant to pair and breed with ‘Alphas’ of any race, be they human or alien.

I don’t know what it means to be Omega. But what I do know is that I was just given a second chance at life, an opportunity to live it on my own terms. No matter what my captors say, I will find a way to get to Sathion. No one is taking this away from me.


It’s definitely a  sweeter kind of Omegaverse…

Ana’s debut book is a refreshing and light read for the genre of Omegaverse.

While there are still the darker aspects to the story that we’ve come to expect in the genre, our MC Omega is a tenacious, hopeful little creature that refuses to let her circumstances diminish her spirit. Her adaptability and youth serve in her favor, making her just malleable enough to survive in a world that might otherwise eat her alive.

The world building is fabulous. The picture the author paints is clear and bright. Her characters are varied and possess more range than most Alpha-centric types.

Because of Ana’s personal brand of fluff, you are guaranteed a HEA, a loving and devoted Alpha, and the promise of a bright future. After everything our MC has been through, she damn well deserves it.

I definitely recommend it. Maybe as a chaser to Eva Dresden’s ‘Broken’, since that book will leave you with a major hangover XD

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