Author’s to Watch – Jessica Danielle

Hello everyone!

I have another post for you tonight, but this one is a bit different than the others.

Tonight, I’m here to recommend an author that I think is worth keeping an eye on! Currently, she is published to Wattpad.

She has three works up currently, two of which are Omegaverse, one of which is completed. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for Omegaverse, so you can imagine how I found her!

Both stories are Dystopian. Both are full of spectacular world building that is so organic that it all sounds so perfectly real you have no trouble forming a complete picture in your head. The structure of society is believable and well thought out. Both books feature Omega’s who are afforded the opportunity to ‘choose’ their alpha, though there may or may not have been influences at play in those decisions. Both stories feature dark themes, broody, dark alphas who adore their females, and plenty of naughty scenes for the lecherous hunger all Omegaverse lovers harbor. I really, really can’t recommend these stories enough.

Book One
Book Two

I’m hopeful she finishes polishing them up and publishes them, so her work has an opportunity to reach a wider audience. I am absolutely enamored with her writing, and I can’t say enough good things!

Please, take the time to check her out, and be sure to keep an eye on her! I expect she’ll do big things đŸ˜€

If you’d like to read her current works, you can find her on Wattpad, here

You can also find her on Facebook, and Goodreads, here



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