Strange Bedfellas Adult Toy Review **WARNING ADULT CONTENT**

We’re back again today to do another adult toy review! Why? Well, they arrived within a short time frame of each other, and I’m excited. That’s why!

It’s book research, damn it. For monster peen. Let me tell you, monster peen is something that this next company understands! Lets get right to it!

Strange Bedfellas is an awesome fantasy toy shop that I discovered on Etsy.

click image to be taken to their etsy shop
click to be taken to the website

The company is composed entirely of merchandise and toys for monster lovers! See these stickers and pins? Yeah, they totally get it.

If you visit the website, you will find that each creature mold has a page of their own, that tells you about the inspiration for the piece, the size dimensions, and a section with artwork and a dating profile for that particular monster. It’s seriously adorable.

Each mold comes in a variety of sizes, and the silicone does come in a variety of firmness, but you’ll just have to be sure to check the listing!

Currently, the shop mainly drops pre-made stock. Don’t worry though, if you watch long enough, you’ll find the model you want in exactly the right color and size, because wow…They pump out a lot of beauties. It’s super hard to choose! But you better be ready on the trigger finger, because when the store restocks, it sells out of the majority of it’s stock super fast.

They do seem to be testing out a custom listing option, but you are currently only able to choose from a predetermined list of color styles. They are so busy pumping out new stock, I can’t blame them for not doing custom orders right now. Really, you won’t be disappointed if you just keep your eye on the shop!

Now, on to the deets of my two new boys!


Shipment took place within a few days of purchase. It arrived a few days later. Awesome! As for the packaging… It was very nice. Plain brown box addressed from an individual, items wrapped in tissue paper, copy of my invoice, several shop stickers including valentines special issue stickers, a small silicone squishy, and my two toys wrapped in individual plastic bags. Overall, 9/10. Everything was secure and nicely packaged.

Nice, right? Ok. Now, on to the good part!


The two toys I chose were models I’d been admiring for quite some time. They are called Tyv, and Fornax. Here are the photos from their dating profiles XD

Tyv – A furry beasty
Fornax- No one knows wtf it is XD

So. We’ve got an idea of the inspiration, now. Are we ready to see the monster peen? Yeah, I know. Shaddup and show us the peen.


Tyv is available in five sizes

Ok, now first, let me just say… It is impossible to catch all the glitter and shimmer in this bad boy! I tried outside, I tried inside, different types of lights…Aside from buying a photo booth box, I don’t think I’d catch it. But let me assure you, this boy is gorgeous! The photos don’t do him justice. Not only is he just absolutely covered in interesting textures, his colors are beautiful! I got him in a small (I was a little gun-shy after my bad-dragon sizing choice) and he’s so petite and cute! Definitely a size most people could use, though a little on the small side of small. I definitely think I need him in a medium :sage nod: Now, I’m pretty sure there is a warning about it, but he doesn’t stand well on his own. He WILL, but the base of the toy is so narrow that the soft silicone keeps him from being very sturdy. In other words, store this boy where he can’t fall and hurt himself!


Fornax is available in three sizes

Seriously…These guys shimmer like no other! I chose Fornax in a medium, and he’s perfect for that size! Definitely a more manageable medium than bad-dragon’s crackers’. XD. But guys…Look at him! Shimmer, sexy, totally alien! Again, loaded with textures and beautiful color work! This guy also has something similar to a knot, and as a bonus, he even has another little one on the under side of his shaft! I love it! He’s a handsome, handsome boy. Fornax is marked on site as not being able to stand on his own. Mine however, has been doing so just fine. But, just as with little Tyv, the smaller stem at the bottom of the toy makes this guy a little unstable, so don’t leave him standing where he can fall and be damaged.


AMMENDED – 10/10. I’m super, super hard on toys…Or I would be, if I were going to be using them as toys and not just pretty sculptures for study reference :coughcough:. Soft silicone probably isn’t ideal for me. I could see rough play tearing the stem of these two toys, since they have a more delicate connection to the base, BUT THAT is just because I’ve been known to accidentally puncture or tear with fingernails when I don’t mean to. IF however, I wasn’t an awful toy owner and I wasn’t so rough on things, they’d be fine! The quality is great, smooth and seamless. The colors and sculpts are gorgeous. I totally want an entire collection of nothing but these two models in different colors and sizes XD

The owner was super helpful and answered messages promptly. I have no doubt the customer service is just as great in every aspect of the business.

They were more cost effective than bad-dragon, and while the sculpt range is a little smaller, the imagination isn’t! I am very happy with my purchase.

if you’d like to check out this company (which I STRONGLY recommend that you do), you can find them at any of the following links —>

Website –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Etsy –

Rainbow peen, for your viewing pleasure!

2 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellas Adult Toy Review **WARNING ADULT CONTENT**

  1. Lovely review Merel😊 Do you keep these out for display or only for private viewing? That would be an interesting conversation with relatives! Lol Thanks for taking time out to do this, I had never heard of this company before🥰


    1. Currently, I don’t have my own places so they have their own special cabinet. But, I do plan on getting a display case for them in the future. 😀 They are so damned pretty, they deserve to be shown off like art XD


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