New Release Coming Soon Alert!

Hello all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I know. I’ve been helping some other awesome authors publish their books, and working like a mad woman! However, I swear, I’m still alive 😀

I come bearing good news today! I have a new release coming in October 2020.

Now, I know a lot of you are waiting for the second Sacred Omegas book. I promise it’s coming. The first book is getting a good clean up, and will be getting an updated cover soon as well, and I’m hoping to have the second book in the series out by the end of the year or shortly after. That being said, I’m here today because of a totally separate series!

This new book is the first in a series of dark romance Bratva/mafia books unlike any you’ve read thus far. This couple ya’ll, they are pretty amazing. I can’t wait for you to meet them, and especially for you to meet Evgeni, our H. He’s uh, he’s a pretty special beast of a man. Check out the blurb and pre-order info below 😀

Evgeni’s Obsession: A New Reign – Book One

She came to Moscow to escape, to forget how her life was falling apart.

All sunshine and sweetness, she calls to the predator within me like no other woman has.

I think of nothing else.

But she is a good girl, not made for a soldier of the Bratva. I try to keep my distance, but the pull is too strong.

Oh, my solnyshko. I fear I cannot let you go.

Fate has gifted you to a monster.

** Evgeni’s Obsession is the first book in a new Bratva dark romance series that features sizzling chemistry, danger, suspense, and a cliffhanger that will leave you gasping for breath**

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