Book Review – Daddy P.I. by EJ Frost

I’m back with another book review! I’ve got a handful to do, and several of them are by this wonderful author, E.J. Frost. 😀

Today’s book review is about the first in her new (April of 2020) series, Daddy P.I. Casefiles. There are currently two full length books in this series with a third coming February 14th of this year. There’s also a boxed set releasing the same day that features a short story (book 0.5 of this series, that started it all), the first two books, and an additional exclusive novella. I’ll put the lengths for everything below, because once you start on this series, you’ll want to be sure to finish it!

Here’s the link for later–>

And a Daddy Dom to the rescue.

Former Naval officer James Logan is used to being in charge, both in his personal life and his new career as a private investigator. When he’s hired to investigate the suspicious death of a passenger on an alternative lifestyle cruise, Logan swaps his gun for a flogger. All he needs is a good cover, and he knows just the sub to provide it.

Author Emily Martin is no stranger to the lifestyle; she’s a veteran of emotionally unavailable Masters and see-you-later sadists. However, Logan’s no weekend Dom, and his dedication to being her daddy could just convince Emily to give full-time power exchange another try.

But there’s no chance for a happily-ever-after with a killer at large. When the chase turns lethal, Emily must call on every ounce of courage to save her daddy.

Will she be a Little too late?

Publisher’s Note: this book contains references to subjects that readers may find triggering, including incest, drug use, and bullying. The book also contains elements of power exchange. Please do not buy this book if such subjects offend you.

Okay! So! Daddy P.I. is a mashup of the most enjoyable variety! It’s a BDSM/Investigative crossover, with a private investigator Dom who has also recently taken on the role of Daddy to a Little, named Emily. It’s the first time Logan (our H) has been a daddy, but he’s very well acquainted with the overall BDSM scene, since he’s practically been involved his entire life.

Emily and Logan’s relationship with one another is initiated shortly before the beginning of this book. While we don’t SEE their first meeting, we get enough information about it to know how it happened and not to feel like we are missing out (plus if you buy the boxed set in February, you’ll get to read that part anyhow!). Where we pick up here, is with Logan starting a case that involves investigating a death on a cruise ship. A BDSM Lifestyles cruise ship, I might add. But he needs to do so under cover! So who better to bring along for the trip to serve as his ‘beard’ so to speak, than his new Little, Emily?

So, without saying to much, I will say the beginning of this book threw me off kilter a little bit. Almost directly from the start, Emily gets tangled up in the middle of Logan addressing a very personal, private issue and she inadvertently (in the beginning at least) becomes part of his healing process. At first, it’s very confusing and uncomfortable for her because she doesn’t understand what’s happening. For a minute, I was really scared this was going to turn bad.

But, she, being the sensitive empath that she is, understood more than I did at the time. Something important is happening that Logan needs, and thus she allows the scene between them to finish without stopping what’s happened.

Once he explains, and she understands, it only reaffirms her suspicions that he’d badly needed what she has given him, and she sees how vulnerable he had to be to show her this dark, secret part of himself that he’s so ashamed of. She appreciates how valuable that kind of trust is, especially for someone you haven’t known long. Her acceptance and supportive response to his admissions pretty much astonishes him, and he’s obviously overcome with affection for his sweet Emily.

Of course now, everything is right back on track, with both parties having a greater understanding of the other once they start this trip. Having this emotional of an interaction so early in their relationship wasn’t something I (or either of them) were prepared for, but it definitely sets a sweet, hopeful tone for the rest of the book.

They set off on their cruise, and while Logan DOES spend a lot of time interviewing staff and guests, and generally investigating the events surrounding the death of a former passenger, these passages are never boring or stilted. In fact, it’s kind of interesting to see how his mind works in a professional capacity. Plus, it’s a lifestyle cruise! There are tons of steamy ‘scenes’ and sexy times between Logan and Emily.

It’s pretty obvious from the very beginning that their connection and chemistry is pretty out of this world. It’s a fact that’s only reaffirmed as the book progresses and the characters grow closer.

One thing I loved about this book was that this wasn’t all ‘wine and roses’, so to speak. Neither Emily or Logan were perfect. They both made assumptions, didn’t understand, and made mistakes when dealing with one another. They were human. When another kick in the gut from his past hits Logan while they are on the cruise, Emily stands by him supportively with the sort of faith you’d expect to see from a long term partner. Even so early on, we’re seeing that despite their differences and disagreements, they always have each other’s backs. I liked that they had to learn about one another, sometimes by making those mistakes, so that they could grow together as a couple.

As the investigation comes to a head, danger steps in to interrupt their happiness with a right hook I didn’t see coming. Get some tissues, ya’ll. You’ll probably need them for this last bit.

Despite the devastation and upset, in the end Logan’s case is closed, and he and Emily are closer than ever. It wraps up nicely with a happy for now, indicating clearly that Logan and Emily’s relationship will continue into the next book.

Overall, five out of five stars from this reader. As always you get a good bang for your buck with this book, as it’s a thick sucker that will easily suck away several days of your life in the most delightful way!

As I mentioned before, there is another book in this series currently out, along with the third coming and a special boxed set featuring the beginning both the first and second book, their intro to each other, and a special short novella as well. You can find each of these respectively by clicking the images below –>

Book 2
Book 3 (Coming 02/14/21)
Boxed Set (Coming 02/14/21) Featuring Book 0.5, Book 1, Book 2, & a Novella

If you’d like to keep up with E.J., you can follow her here –>

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