Book Review – Wicked Temptations – Cass Alex (Crimson Moon Hideaway Series)

Hey guys! I’m back with a book review for you today. I’ve not had much time to read the past few months but I’m getting back on the horse, so here we go!

Today’s book is Wicked Temptations, by Cass Alex, which is part of the Crimson Moon Hideaway Series. You can find it here –>

Renowned food critic Olivia Freedman enjoys her life as a borderline recluse. After all, if there’s good food and stable WiFi what more does a woman need? But after a suspicious call from her best friend, she finds herself racing off to where Kat was last seen – the Crimson Moon Hideaway resort.
Something’s going on alright, but it’s the last thing she ever saw coming.

Hellhound Aidan Laoch is the newest rising star on the restaurant scene. When he earns a coveted guest chef stint at the famous Crimson Moon Hideaway resort, he never expects to find the fiery little human that is destined to turn his world upside down.

Sparks fly between Olivia and Aidan, and just when things are really heating up in the kitchen, the two find themselves up to their elbows in lies, mystery, crème brûlée… and other wicked temptations that are just too yummy to resist!

So, the Crimson Moon Hideaway Series is a paranormal series featuring all sorts of fantastical creatures. This is the first book I’ve read in the series, but it can be read as a standalone. From what I gather, the resort this series is centered around is a safe haven for paranormal beings. It kind of has a facade of being a normal resort, and I get the impression there are some ‘normies’ here, but the guest list includes just about any kind of sentient being you can think of.

Our heroine Olivia is a food critic/blogger and a total foodie. She’s also a bit of an introvert, which I can totes appreciate since I am too. Can she deal with people and be charming? Sure. Does she want to? Maybe not so much. Olivia has had a bad go of it in the relationship department and has kind of buried herself in her work, where she lets her alter ego shine. It isn’t that she’s unhappy. She enjoys what she does and enjoys her solitude, though she dearly loves her best friend whom is one of the few regular contacts she seems to have. But her life is just a little ‘small’ or ‘shut in’ in some respects. We’ve all felt that way haven’t we?

When her best friend calls unexpectedly and begs her to come to the resort where she’s staying, naturally she assumes something is wrong since it sounds so urgent. She’s got the whole trip up there to stress about what’s happening, so she’s good and riled up once she arrives. Let’s just say her first introduction to our Hero is less than flattering, and also kind of hilarious.

Anyway, so this book centers around her stay at the resort and the growing connection she feels with our Hero Aidan, who is the chef. What better match could you have than a foodie blogger and a chef right? Aidan is facing some challenges-both because someone is trying to sabotage his new job at the resort, and because his inner beasty has decided our heroine is his mate. Poor guy is having a rough go of it, but Olivia proves to be just the kind of distraction he needs. Her relatively easy acceptance of him and his other half obviously gives him something he’s been yearning for.

This is, at it’s heart, a fated mates, insta-love (loosely) kind of romance. It’s got a little bit of a cabin romance feel, even though there are other people at this resort, the focus is really on these two. The development of the relationship between them is so, so sweet. There’s a lot of vulnerability, acceptance, and chemistry going on here, and I’m HERE for it. There’s a bit of drama, but much to the surprise of everyone involved, our heroine actually comes to the rescue here. And even so, it doesn’t diminish the lovely, scrumptious alpha-ness of our hero. There are definitely some refreshing trope twists in this book.

I don’t really want to spoil a lot of the details for you, but I would definitely recommend this funny, sweet paranormal romance. It’s a relatively light and short read, and it left me wanting more. Also… I want a hell hound toting man of my own. Can someone arrange that for me?

If you want to keep up with Cass and what she’s doing, you can find her here –>



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Happy Reading!

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