Joseph the Werewolf by Qaisan… Warning – Adult content ahead.

Hey guys ^.^ Just stopping in with a piece of art for you! I commissioned Qaisan over on twitter to make Joseph, my werewolf from the short story An Alpha for the Pack in the monster anthology I did with the Monsters, Demons, & Knotting gals.

Overall I’m super happy, especially considering this is the first non humanoid I’ve seen him do! It seems the exotic peen might have been too much because Joseph ended up with a normal one, but we’ll make due XD

Anyhow! Enjoy the snarly, sexy, muscled werewolf! My gift for you!

Squee! Isn’t he handsome? If you’d like to see more of the sexy work Qaisan does, you can find the page here ->

Also, if you haven’t read the Monsters After Dark Anthology, you really should! With this fantastic line up, it really shouldn’t be missed.

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