Publication Updates

Hey guys! Life has been insane the last year! So many big changes!

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, so here we go! It’s a long one, so strap in! ❤

1st, publication schedule! This is my proposed publication schedule for the rest of 2022. I’ll go through each of these projects with you below in case you aren’t familiar.

The first publication for the year was Always, Alpha, which is the third and final novella in my BDSM Sweet Omegaverse Series, His Willing Omega. In April, I released all three novellas together.

Next on the project list is Longing, which is the first official book in my werewolf universe called Bitter Root. You might have read a short in my blog titled ‘A Little Encouragement‘, or my short story ‘An Alpha for the Pack‘ in the 2021 anthology titled Monsters After Dark. Both of these pieces relate to the Bitter Root werewolves as well, and give you glimpses at the book to come. But Longing is a separate side couple, M/F with a HEA. It will be released through Reticent Desire Publications website first, with exclusive images that will not be featured once it’s released on Amazon. Here’s the cover and blurb ->

When Greer inherits a cabin from an estranged uncle, she isn’t sure what she’ll find.

She expects a messy bachelor pad, not a werewolf tenant.

He’s terrifying and primal, and definitely wants to eat her up… In more ways than one.

She knows she should resist, but what if his seduction proves too carnal to deny?

And if she gives in, how will she overcome the challenges of living with a monster for a boyfriend?

Next up, we have my first full length Sci-Fi Omegaverse, The Alpha’s Empress. This book has all kinds of firsts for me, and some firsts for the genre as well, I believe. I’m very excited to see how you all feel about it! I’m still waiting on the cover, so we don’t have a blurb up yet, but hopefully it will be soon. This story will follow the story of an Omega Empress who was raised by aliens of another species, and has no knowledge of her own people or status as an Omega until an Ambassador from a ship full of Alpha soldiers arrives and throws everything into a tailspin. I think you’ll be surprised and pleased at the unexpected twists and turns this one takes!

Next on the List is the first official FULL length novel in the Bitter Root werewolves series. The title is still in the works, but this book will explain how Moira got sucked into the Brande defense project and working with the werewolves, as well as the trials and tribulations that go with dealing with a pack of angsty males. We may not meet Joseph (from An Alpha for the Pack) in this first installment, but this will be a series, and he’s definitely coming! This book will focus more on her relationship with the other pack members.

Next, is the long awaited second full length novel in my series The Sacred Omegas. This book will focus on our newest heroine, Oriah. You guys… I can’t wait for you to meet her. She’s been through hell, and she’s come out just as vicious and capable of violence as any Alpha. The chemistry she and our Hero Ilya have is just :chef’s kiss: Here’s the cover and blurb ->

The Sacred Omega always knows…

Oriah lives in a world of misery and pain. Her alpha has been murdered and she has been enslaved, all in service of augmenting her gift.

Truth. Lie.

From her lips to the devil’s ears, those words define her every waking moment and have cost more lives than she can count.

With no possibility of freedom, Oriah has lost hope.

Ilya’s arrival changes everything.

Seizing her one chance at freedom, Oriah unleashes hell, dragging her unwitting rescuer along for the ride.
But in the aftermath, at his mercy, will she find the relief she’s longed for, or be shackled to a villain worse than the one she’s escaped?

Next up, is an AMAZING Anthology that we are hosting at Reticent Desire Publications, called Ruled by the Alpha. This Antho features authors like Nora Ash, L.V. Lane, Alison Aimes, and so, so many more! It’s a dystopian themed Omegaverse anthology, and it’s bound to be stellar!

Lastly, I have a secret cowrite project that I’m working on for end of year. It will be a dark and gritty Omegaverse romance, but that’s all I can tell you guys for now!


That does it for the book updates, but for those of you who are interested, let me fill you in on what else is going on around here!

I’ve been doing book covers and render art for a bit over a year now, and absolutely love it. These services can be found on my new site, merel pierce designs. I will continue to do these services over the next year, and add in candle making services for authors looking for swag. Currently, I create book covers, character art, asset art, sticker designs, and much, much more.

Additionally, I’ve decided to start my long term plan of starting a farm. I have 17+ years of animal care experience and lifelong farm experience. I’m starting this journey small at current, with candle making, jam and jelly making, produce selling, and building a greenhouse to sell succulents and other plants next year. I also hope to be getting a chicken and quail house built by the end of the year to start my poultry program for selling chicks and eggs. My long term goal will also include Highland and other miniature cattle breeds.

So here’s to a busy and productive year! Thanks for sticking with me guys!

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