Publications and Preorder News!

Hey guys! I’m a little behind, but what’s new, right? 😀 I come bearing news though!

First, I am so excited to be hosting this anthology, as well as writing alongside these amazing authors. Seriously, check out this line up guys ->

In a decaying universe, one fact remains… Alphas rule all.

This collection of 13 Omegaverse romances will transport you to gritty dystopian worlds full of violence and pleasure, where Alphas and Omegas engage in a primal dance for control.

Brought to you by an amazing cast of Omegaverse authors, this collection is bound to leave you panting for more.

Featuring Stories By:

Nora Ash
Alison Aimes
L.V. Lane
Anna Fury
V.T. Bonds
E J Frost
Hannah Haze
Flora Quincy
Merel Pierce
Raevyn London
Opal Fairchild
Marlowe Roy
D.E. Chapman

We are releasing in October, but preorders are open now on all retailers.

I’m a little behind on this announcement as well, but I’ve released the first novella in my new Bitter Root Universe, which is where my paranormal and supernatural creatures will live (Including Moira and her pack for fans of the shorts I’ve written in that werewolf world).

This first release is titled Longing, and it’s a spicy/sweet werewolf dark romance.

When Greer inherits a cabin from an estranged uncle, she isn’t sure what she’ll find.

She expects a messy bachelor pad, not a werewolf tenant.

He’s terrifying and primal, and definitely wants to eat her up… In more ways than one.

She knows she should resist, but what if his seduction proves too carnal to deny?

And if she gives in, how will she overcome the challenges of living with a monster for a boyfriend?


Longing is a side novella in the brand new Paranormal Universe of Bitter Root.

Currently, you can purchase this book directly through our publishing website for a limited time. The website exclusive features illustrations (some naughty) that will not be present in later releases.

You can purchase the exclusive illustrated ebook here ->

You can also preorder a special limited edition illustrated paperback of Longing Directly through our website here ->

And if you’re waiting for it to come to Amazon, you can preorder it there as well, though it won’t go to KU until the exclusives come down from the website.

The first full length book in the series featuring Moira and her werewolf pack’s origin story will release toward the end of the year, so keep an eye out!

As far as other news…

I’m in the process of writing my Sci-Fi Omegaverse, The Alpha’s Empress, along with writing Oriah, the second book in my Sacred Omega series. Both books are due to publish in just a few months.

I have a secret cowrite project on the books for you at the end of the year as well, but we’re not quite ready to announce that yet. But… Stay tuned!


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