Publication Update – Please Read

Hey friends! I’ve got a personal announcement to make. Please read.

Due to an overwhelming amount of additional responsibilities relating to elderly family members, running an additional household, the publishing company and farm nonsense, my personal goals for the year are behind.

I’m sad to say that I’ve had to cancel the preorder for Oriah, the second Sacred Omegas book. I just can’t meet the deadline. I’ve had to move it twice. I AM writing the book, and I’m enjoying it, and I WILL be getting it out as soon as possible, but right now canceling it is what I need to do so that I can take care of my other responsibilities.

I will attach a sign up form for people who want to be notified when the book becomes available for sale. I’m really sorry about this guys, you’ve waited so long and so patiently already.

So what does this mean for my writing plans? Well, I’m taking the next month or so off ‘official’ writing. During that time I’m going to get absolutely every backlogged and upcoming task off my plate that I possibly can, to clear the precious time I do have for working on my own writing career. I’ll resume ‘official’ writing between end of November-December. Chances are I’ll be writing between now and then, but that’s just the official plan.

Here is the priority list –
Oriah – The Sacred Omegas
The Alpha’s Empress (Scifi Omegaverse)
Moira’s Pack (werewolf RH)
Novel I’m not going to talk about yet (because it’s a secret XD)
Cowrite project I’m not going to talk about yet for the same reason.

I plan to get these out to you as soon as possible, and hopefully 2023 will be the year of Merel!

Thanks for understanding guys. Please visit the link below to be notified of Oriah’s release.

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