Naughty Monster Pinups… Boy #3 Ben the Minotaur… WARNING ADULT CONTENT AHEAD

Hey guys! It’s that time again! Another monster pinup is ahead! Are you excited? 😀 This boy has got a SWEET TOOTH, I’m telling you. You won’t want to miss it.

This is your last warning! Adult content ahead!

First, the censored version.

and now…. :holds breath: the uncensored glory that is Ben!

Is he not the cutest? You know you want to taste that donut! If you’d like to bring Ben, or any of the other monster boys home, you can find them on art and merch over at my redbubble store ->

Stay tuned for more naughty boys~

Naughty Monster Pinups… Boy #2 Braxton the Centaur… WARNING ADULT CONTENT AHEAD

Hey guys! It’s time for another naughty monster pinup boy. I’ll post the ‘safe’ version on Facebook, and link you back here to my blog where you can view the naughty boys in all their unabashed goodness. I’ll also link you to my Redbubble store, where I’ll have prints and stickers and other merch of the handsome boys available for grabs. If you like this series, show it some love with likes and shares on Facebook, or purchases on red bubble. Thanks!


The second handsome bachelor in our series is Braxton the Centaur. What a sleek, handsome guy, eh? Keep scrolling for his uncensored shot.

and now…the goodness.

Such a confident guy.  If you want to bring him home with you, you can find him in my Redbubble store as prints/stickers, and more! ->

Keep an eye out for more monsters soon!

Naughty Monster Pin Up Series *ADULT CONTENT*

Hey everyone! So, to help my brain decompress over the next few weeks when I will be editing and prepping books for publication, I have decided to start a naughty monster art/render series for all you thirsty monster lovers. I’ll post the ‘safe’ version on Facebook, and link you back here to my blog where you can view the naughty boys in all their unabashed goodness. I’ll also link you to my Redbubble store, where I’ll have prints and stickers and other merch of the handsome boys available for grabs. If you like this series, show it some love with likes and shares on Facebook, or purchases on red bubble. Thanks!


Our first handsome bachelor is Dixon the Werewolf. Dixon is a cheeky boy who is ready for a little company. What do you think, brave enough to give him a try? Keep scrolling for his uncensored shot ❤

and now…the goodness.

Is he not the sassiest? 😀 If you want to bring him home with you, you can find him in my Redbubble store as prints/stickers, and more! ->

Keep an eye out for more monsters soon!

PSA for people who say vets don’t care or just want to make money (Educational post, non-writing related)

Okay guys. Today I’m here to speak about a topic that’s very near and dear to my heart. Animal healthcare. This is not a writing related blog entry, but I hope it will be an educational one so please continue reading. It’s gonna be a long one though. ^.^

Many of you may not know this about me, but until December of 2020 when I quit to go full time as an author and publisher, I spent my entire adult life in animal healthcare. We’re talking from 2000-2020. Yeah.

My experience is mainly in clinic settings, but I have worked with wildlife and avian rescues, nutritionists, run a rescue, and much more over the years. In clinic I have done everything from cleaning kennels and working the front desk to diagnostics and assisting in surgeries and treatments. I have worked in numerous facilities, so please trust me when I say I know what I’m talking about.

So why am I telling you this? Because I have reached my limit of being able to tolerate seeing people say things like ‘vets are only out for your money’ and ‘vets don’t care about your pet or know anything’ when they clearly have no idea how hurtful and ignorant that statement is. What’s more, they couldn’t be more wrong. So I want to explain WHY neither of those things are true in a light that you might not have considered before.

Now bear with me on this. When someone goes to medical school to become a doctor they have an absolutely insurmountable amount of information to learn JUST to get the basics of healthcare under their belt before they graduate. While they are in school for a long time compared to many degrees, they still have a finite amount of time to learn those things and thus get basically the ‘condensed’ version of any subject.

Now, consider this. It takes anywhere from eight to fourteen years to become a doctor. It takes eight to ten to become a veterinarian. Here’s the thing… You aren’t just learning about one species in vet school, you’re learning about dozens. As you can imagine, the abbreviated courses relating to certain aspects of health are often even more abbreviated than with human medicine, which makes you kind of cock your head when you think about how many more species they have to learn about.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because you need to understand that a veterinarian is basically the equivalent of a general practitioner in human medicine. They have a grasp of the basics and can treat most common issues. HOWEVER. If your pet has a specific issue that is outside of the information they are familiar with or their experience, it might start getting a little more complicated to treat your patient. They might even recommend you go to a specialist. Are they doing it because they somehow benefit from it or because they are lazy? No. They are sending you to the specialist because said person has devoted their career entirely to one aspect of pet care, and have thus become familiar with quite a bit more knowledge than the average vet might have on the subject.

If you can’t or are unwilling to go to a specialist, treating your pet at the general practice can become more complicated. Why? Because your vet has to start trying to research potential causes for an issue they may not necessarily feel qualified to treat. Even when using peer research and connecting with other veterinarians, it may still take multiple tries to come up with a plan that works and shows improvement, and even that isn’t a guarantee. “Well why would they treat my pet if they don’t know what’s going to happen or if they don’t feel like they know what they are doing?” I’ll tell you why. Because you can’t afford to go to the specialist they feel can help you, or you won’t. They want your pet to get better, so they are going to try. And every time it doesn’t work they will want to try again because they WANT your pet better and feel helpless since their hands are tied and they can’t do anything about the fact that you aren’t going to see the person most qualified to address the issue.

While we’re on the subject, lets talk about pet nutrition because this is a sore spot for me too. This same above information applies to nutrition in clinic settings as well. Your vet only got the basics on pet health nutrition. In an ever changing market there are far too many variables for the average person to keep up with considering the numberless amounts of fads, diets, and tiktok professionals trying to tell people how they should be feeding their pets. They know what the scientific research done by companies trusted by the industry say. They know what the veterinarian research studies say. They know the basic components that are important both to make up your pets food and to avoid in your pets food. No, they aren’t trying to sell you veterinary diets because they get some sort of incentive for it. They don’t. The incentive is they don’t have to keep treating your pet for medical issues over and over that could have prevented with a food they KNOW will solve the issue.

And while we’re on the subject of nutrition, I need to tell you something you won’t like to hear. The internet is full of people who claim to know more than medical professionals and yet have no formal certificates or training to support their education on the matter of animal nutrition. No animal husbandry degrees, no independent programs, no relevant workplace experience. Why in the name of hell everyone has decided to listen to a bunch of strangers on the internet and not a medical professional that’s familiar with your animals actual medical history I will never know.

Are there trash diets on the market? Sure. There’s trash food in the grocery store too. Are certain foods more like eating Chinese takeaway than a salad? Yeah. But again, that doesn’t mean the food is wholly without nutrition and that it should be discounted all together.


Also, not all pets can be maintained on a homemade diet, and my experience in the field tells me that about eighty percent of people will NOT maintain the exacting standards of ingredients and supplements required to maintain a homemade diet because it is way more complicated than you think to get the full spectrum of their needs met. Home diets are labor intensive and judging by the lack of compliance with general feeding guidelines (people love to over feed their dogs despite repeated concerns being expressed for the pets obesity and exact guidelines being given or giving a pet who needs a prescription diet an over the counter diet then having to bring the pet in repeatedly for issues the food would have addressed if they stayed on it like they were told), compliance is likely to be low and the pet will be the one to pay. Please stop telling people to do this when you have no idea what the compliance rate and resources are like.

Nutrition is WAY more complicated than what ingredients are listed in what order on the label. Just because you don’t understand the formal name of an item on the list doesn’t make it a dangerous chemical. And marketing has been scaring you into believing words like ‘biproduct’ or ‘corn’ are the devil, when they aren’t. Biproduct does not mean trash devoid of nutritional content. Corn does not mean filler. These foods have a purpose and are incorporated into diet in a way that allows them to be processed efficiently by the pets body. Don’t get angry because your vet doesn’t sound keen on your trying some internet fad. They are trying to think about what’s best for your pet and a rando diet a so-called expert informed you was better than that ‘trash’ prescription diet designed to keep your cat from forming bladder stones has no scientific backing to show it’s effective so no, they are not going to tell you it’s okay to feed.

I have fed multiple types of kibble over the years, as well as prescription diets and homemade diets under the direction and suggestion of veterinarians. I’ve done extra curricular certifications in pet nutrition. I have seen for myself over twenty years what works and what doesn’t. If your vet recommends something, there’s a reason. If your vet tells you to avoid something, there is a reason. Please don’t discount what they say based on what some internet warrior says, especially if your vet has always been reliable and caring about your pets health before. It’s great to do research but you need to be objective and actually get into the meat of the scientific research about balance and ratios, not just read what a blogger has written on a site dedicated to a specific style of pet diets where all the people think the same.

Now lets skip to the next issue…. “They are only in it for the money.”

Do you have any concept of the amount of money it takes to run a business? Not only do they pay rent, utilities, insurance, payroll, etc., they have to purchase medical equipment that can range from four to five digit numbers and sometimes higher (thousands and thousands of dollars for radiograph machines, processing machines, ultrasound, surgery sweet lights, surgery tables, dental tables, dental machines, computers, anesthesia machines, sterilizing equipment, bloodwork machines, I could go on and on and on. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment alone. Equipment that constantly needs updated. Oh, and they also have to purchase inventory ahead so there are thousands of dollars of medications, medical supplies, foods, grooming, parasite control, and innumerable other medications that they have to keep in stock in multiple sizes at all times to make sure they can treat your pets without delay. There are licenses to maintain, there are kennels to create, vehicles to maintain (for large animal vets), and more things than I can even list. Just because they took an oath does not mean they can afford to care for your pet for free or at a loss of profit. Why? Because if they did, then they’d go out of business and no one would be there to provide care for your pet at all.

If you have an issue with what you plan to spend on your pet, then you need to be up front in advance about having a budget and needing to know each cost before your pet is treated so that you can make informed choices about how far you are willing to go to treat your pet (but please don’t ask them to call you while your dog is under anesthesia so you can decide if you want rotten teeth pulled or not. Your pet doesn’t need to sit around waiting under anesthesia for you to decide if it’s worth the money for you to take the bad teeth out that are making them miserable or not, just do it for god sake). Also understand that if they give you an estimate it’s just that, an estimate. They have no idea what their going to find when they get into your pets gut on an exploratory, or what kind of awful dental issues were revealed once they chipped away the years worth of tarter on your pets teeth. They have to charge you for treatments in order to be able to stay open and continue to provide them.

Please, for the love of god, STOP claiming they are only in it for the money. Please, stop claiming they don’t care. The veterinary healthcare field has one of the highest rates of suicide amongst it’s doctors, and the staff are known to suffer from depression and anxiety. It is an emotionally heart wrenching, and often thankless job where we (the entire staff) witness horrible injustice, abuse, neglect, heart breaking and unfair twists of fate, and the loss of beloved patients and friends on a daily basis, all while people try to make them feel guilty for needing to charge for the services. Believe me, if they could feed their families and still do it for free, they would. No one is in this field because of the glory. It’s a filthy often times undignified job where staff and vets work over sometimes late into the night, without lunch or breaks, just to make sure your pets are cared for.

Just food for thought.

Book Review – The Predictive: Deep Space Fringe Wars Series by L.V. Lane

Hey everyone! Back today with another book review for you. Two technically, since it’s a series. :X

Now, I’ve reviewed L.V. Lane here before. Most of us know her for her Omegaverse romance, though she’s also written some contemporary romance as well as this lovely sci-fi series. As a general rule, I’ll read pretty much anything she writes. Her style is easy to read and she has a gift for world building that borderlines on some sort of witchcraft or sorcery. It’s phenomenal!

So, The Predictive: Deep Space Fringe Wars series is a slight departure from her more well known romance-centric books, but no less enjoyable. These are the first two books in the series (sorry, won’t let me post the series page) –>

This series really doesn’t get the love it deserves. The characters are likable, relatable, and so easy to invest in! The backdrop of war and colonization gives tension to the story line which keeps you on edge and reading because you HAVE to know what happens next. She creates a world so rich in detail that you not only feel immersed in the action alongside the characters, you have no problem believing every bit of information you’re fed. It’s a fantastic sci-fi military storyline. I had no problem suspending disbelief and losing myself in this series.

Our hero and heroine are both imperfect but brave, and are given the opportunity not only for personal growth but relationship development as well. While romance isn’t the main focus, we do still find a bit of love here and there through this series and it softens the rough edges of the world just the right amount.

I really hate to say too much, I don’t want to give anything away. But! If you enjoy sci-fi, action adventure, military fiction, or even if you don’t, I definitely recommend you read this series. It’s another ballpark knock out for L.V. Lane as far as I’m concerned, and I can’t wait for the next book. I really can’t recommend this series enough.

If you’d like to keep up with L.V. Lane (and I’d highly recommend it) here’s her link tree for all her social media links –>

Book Review – Wicked Temptations – Cass Alex (Crimson Moon Hideaway Series)

Hey guys! I’m back with a book review for you today. I’ve not had much time to read the past few months but I’m getting back on the horse, so here we go!

Today’s book is Wicked Temptations, by Cass Alex, which is part of the Crimson Moon Hideaway Series. You can find it here –>

Renowned food critic Olivia Freedman enjoys her life as a borderline recluse. After all, if there’s good food and stable WiFi what more does a woman need? But after a suspicious call from her best friend, she finds herself racing off to where Kat was last seen – the Crimson Moon Hideaway resort.
Something’s going on alright, but it’s the last thing she ever saw coming.

Hellhound Aidan Laoch is the newest rising star on the restaurant scene. When he earns a coveted guest chef stint at the famous Crimson Moon Hideaway resort, he never expects to find the fiery little human that is destined to turn his world upside down.

Sparks fly between Olivia and Aidan, and just when things are really heating up in the kitchen, the two find themselves up to their elbows in lies, mystery, crème brûlée… and other wicked temptations that are just too yummy to resist!

So, the Crimson Moon Hideaway Series is a paranormal series featuring all sorts of fantastical creatures. This is the first book I’ve read in the series, but it can be read as a standalone. From what I gather, the resort this series is centered around is a safe haven for paranormal beings. It kind of has a facade of being a normal resort, and I get the impression there are some ‘normies’ here, but the guest list includes just about any kind of sentient being you can think of.

Our heroine Olivia is a food critic/blogger and a total foodie. She’s also a bit of an introvert, which I can totes appreciate since I am too. Can she deal with people and be charming? Sure. Does she want to? Maybe not so much. Olivia has had a bad go of it in the relationship department and has kind of buried herself in her work, where she lets her alter ego shine. It isn’t that she’s unhappy. She enjoys what she does and enjoys her solitude, though she dearly loves her best friend whom is one of the few regular contacts she seems to have. But her life is just a little ‘small’ or ‘shut in’ in some respects. We’ve all felt that way haven’t we?

When her best friend calls unexpectedly and begs her to come to the resort where she’s staying, naturally she assumes something is wrong since it sounds so urgent. She’s got the whole trip up there to stress about what’s happening, so she’s good and riled up once she arrives. Let’s just say her first introduction to our Hero is less than flattering, and also kind of hilarious.

Anyway, so this book centers around her stay at the resort and the growing connection she feels with our Hero Aidan, who is the chef. What better match could you have than a foodie blogger and a chef right? Aidan is facing some challenges-both because someone is trying to sabotage his new job at the resort, and because his inner beasty has decided our heroine is his mate. Poor guy is having a rough go of it, but Olivia proves to be just the kind of distraction he needs. Her relatively easy acceptance of him and his other half obviously gives him something he’s been yearning for.

This is, at it’s heart, a fated mates, insta-love (loosely) kind of romance. It’s got a little bit of a cabin romance feel, even though there are other people at this resort, the focus is really on these two. The development of the relationship between them is so, so sweet. There’s a lot of vulnerability, acceptance, and chemistry going on here, and I’m HERE for it. There’s a bit of drama, but much to the surprise of everyone involved, our heroine actually comes to the rescue here. And even so, it doesn’t diminish the lovely, scrumptious alpha-ness of our hero. There are definitely some refreshing trope twists in this book.

I don’t really want to spoil a lot of the details for you, but I would definitely recommend this funny, sweet paranormal romance. It’s a relatively light and short read, and it left me wanting more. Also… I want a hell hound toting man of my own. Can someone arrange that for me?

If you want to keep up with Cass and what she’s doing, you can find her here –>



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Happy Reading!

Updates and Coming Releases

Hey guys! I’m a bad book mom, I know. But, I’m here to update you on everything that’s going on! Read on to find out what HAS released, what’s GOING to release, what naughty fun you can look forward to in my blog in the near future, and what’s going on with our publications company! This will be a longer blog than normal, so bear with me!

First, I’ll start with upcoming releases since that’s most exciting, right?

Please, Alpha, the second book in my consent driven Omegaverse/BDSM series His Willing Omega, is releasing March17th! This series follows the developing relationship between an Omega and Alpha who their journey in a BDSM club as play mates. Here’s the blurb ->

Meghan is everything I knew she would be.

Beautiful, sweet, and oh, so willing.

She was made for me, and I’m determined she’ll be more than just my submissive.

Now, someone else has set eyes on what’s mine.

But I’ll fight to keep her.

Now, for those of you who read the first one and complained about the lack of sex, because how could it be a BDSM book without sex, I promise you, the first book was just the set up for their story. This one delivers on the steamy bits. Along with a bit of predicament play, impact play, tickle play, and an unexpected twist at the end. >.>

You can pre-order this bad boy here –>

My next new release is coming at the end of March, and guys… I’m so excited!

The Alpha of Rickett Hall is an Omegaverse/Regency crossover stand alone novel. It’s about an Alpha who was injured in battle, and the determined little Omega that refuses to let him give up on himself. Here’s the blurb –>

All the money in the world couldn’t replace the leg Edmund Harcourt lost in battle. Abandoned by his fiancée and friends, living soon loses its appeal.

What good is a broken Alpha?

When Edmund’s family learns of a young Omega with healing abilities, they hatch a plot to bring sweet Juliana Mooreland to Edmund’s door in the hopes that instinct will bind the two together.

But such clandestine plots rarely go as planned…

I have apparently developed a taste for torturing you people with slow burn romances, because this is another one with sizzling chemistry that continues to grow over the course of the book, but makes you wait until the end of the payout XD But, come on. It’s the Regency period. Can’t be getting it on all willy nilly now.

Edmund Harcourt is such a damaged, angry soul, but Juliana sees him for who he really is, and she absolutely refuses to let him be anything less than his best self. The interactions between these two are full of angst, humor, and longing, and I really hope you love them as much as I do! You can pre-order here –>

As far as my plans for releases the rest of the year, here’s my list of scheduled releases ->

Wish Me Real (A Jinn dark romance short to be included in an Anthology by my publishing company early summer)

The Sacred Omegas Book 2 – Isa (Sci-fi Omegaverse RH)

Elena’s Rebirth – A New Reign Book 2 (Russian Bratva Dark romance)

His Forbidden Prize (Werewolf Dark ‘Romance’)

(Possibly the following as well, depending on time and such)

Donovan’s Girl (Sacred Omegas side novel to be expanded, previously released in ‘The Knotty List’, a Christmas gift to readers.)

The Harvest Gift (Demon Dark ‘Romances)

In other news! For those of you who don’t know, I run the indie romance publications company called Reticent Desire Publications (for site click logo below)

Currently accepting manuscript submissions

Currently, we are the publisher for Isoellen, Ana B. Starr, and we’ve just added another author, Josie Landry. All of our authors have projects in the pipes, so you’ll be seeing some work from them this year too 😀

Additionally, I’ve started a mainstream imprint for our non-romance authors. It’s called AdeCiro Publications (for site link click logo below)

Currently accepting manuscript submissions

Over at AdeCiro, we have two new authors as well! N.C. Halley, and G.L. Francis! I’ll also be adding a mainstream pen name for myself under AdeCiro, where I’ll go by Laurel Pierce. All of the authors under this imprint have books coming this year as well, so keep your eyes open!

Oh! Soon, I’ll have another toy review or two for you >.> Just fyi!

I’ve also been doing rendering and cover art, so hopefully you’ll be seeing more of that from me as well! You can keep an eye on what’s available and what I’m up to over at Merel Pierce Designs on Facebook 😀 ->

Okay, guys. I guess that wasn’t as long as I thought. Kind of a brief update, but there you go! ❤

Book Review – The Last Vampire – by R.A. Steffan & Jaelynn Woolf

After a long break, I’m back to do another book review!

This time, it’s for a boxed set of an entire series titled ‘The Last Vampire’ by authors R.A, Steffan and Jaelynn Woolf.

Here’s the link for later (all though you can buy them individually if you aren’t sure you want to commit to the set XD) –>

There’s a smokin’ hot dead guy locked in my garden shed.
That part’s bad enough. But now, he’s trying to get out.

Growing up, my father always told me that I’d come to a bad end, just like my mom did when I was a kid. Hearing that kind of stuff when you’re little eventually gets to a girl, but I can’t say I ever expected my ‘bad end’ to involve an angry vampire with a severe case of iron deficiency and a panty-melting English accent.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Ever since my mother was assassinated, I’ve felt like there was something vast and frightening hidden beneath the fabric of the world. Something none of us are supposed to know about.

So far, finding out I was right hasn’t been nearly as satisfying as I’d hoped. I guess the trick will be staying alive long enough to shout ‘I told you so’ from the rooftops.

But before I can do that, I really need to figure out if the vampire who just bit me is one of the good guys or not.

Okay, so… I can’t even tell you how I came across this set. I feel like it was a totally random pick after some amazon ad rabbit hole diving. But, I’m a fan of vampires and I keep trying to find decent vampire novels, and so here we are.

Without revealing tons about it, I can tell you that if you liked True Blood, you’ll probably like this. It’s got all the paranormal prerequisites! Sexy vampire, heroine with special powers she has yet to discover, demons, fae, and more, oh my!

Overall I thought it was a nice series, and I definitely recommend it. For someone like me that will shoot through a book in a matter of a few hours, the set was definitely a nice package since I could just jump straight from one to the next.

In reference to the story itself – Overall, solid. There were some original concepts, good humor, solid and interesting characters, lots of sex and drama, and tons of action.

Now, that being said, if I were going to have a complaint it’s honestly just a personal preference one. For me? There were TOO many types of paranormal beings in the series. It reminded me of the latter seasons of True Blood, where every paranormal beastie in the world made an appearance. Which, some people liked. And it does give you other realms and world to explore within the main story line, which adds some additional variety. But for me, it was just a little busy in that respect. I guess what I’m saying is, I probably still would have read all six books if it were just vampires and demons. Again, this is just a personal preference.

The only other aspect of the book that was a little tiresome for me (and again I think this is just me) was that there was just always some major threat of a mountain to overcome, again and again… These poor characters rarely had a chance to breathe! Now, please bear in mind that I read the entire series in like, three days. I read super fast, so the fact that I was running through them that quickly may be why it seemed a little repetitive in that respect for me. Overall it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the series.

Overall, this series delivered on the action, adventure, heat, and more feels than I was expecting. I’d say probably four out of five stars for this series from me!

If you read these books and find that you really enjoy them, the series continues with a spinoff for one of the secondary characters and his love interest. It looks interesting as well 😀 You can find it here –>

Book Review – Daddy P.I. by EJ Frost

I’m back with another book review! I’ve got a handful to do, and several of them are by this wonderful author, E.J. Frost. 😀

Today’s book review is about the first in her new (April of 2020) series, Daddy P.I. Casefiles. There are currently two full length books in this series with a third coming February 14th of this year. There’s also a boxed set releasing the same day that features a short story (book 0.5 of this series, that started it all), the first two books, and an additional exclusive novella. I’ll put the lengths for everything below, because once you start on this series, you’ll want to be sure to finish it!

Here’s the link for later–>

And a Daddy Dom to the rescue.

Former Naval officer James Logan is used to being in charge, both in his personal life and his new career as a private investigator. When he’s hired to investigate the suspicious death of a passenger on an alternative lifestyle cruise, Logan swaps his gun for a flogger. All he needs is a good cover, and he knows just the sub to provide it.

Author Emily Martin is no stranger to the lifestyle; she’s a veteran of emotionally unavailable Masters and see-you-later sadists. However, Logan’s no weekend Dom, and his dedication to being her daddy could just convince Emily to give full-time power exchange another try.

But there’s no chance for a happily-ever-after with a killer at large. When the chase turns lethal, Emily must call on every ounce of courage to save her daddy.

Will she be a Little too late?

Publisher’s Note: this book contains references to subjects that readers may find triggering, including incest, drug use, and bullying. The book also contains elements of power exchange. Please do not buy this book if such subjects offend you.

Okay! So! Daddy P.I. is a mashup of the most enjoyable variety! It’s a BDSM/Investigative crossover, with a private investigator Dom who has also recently taken on the role of Daddy to a Little, named Emily. It’s the first time Logan (our H) has been a daddy, but he’s very well acquainted with the overall BDSM scene, since he’s practically been involved his entire life.

Emily and Logan’s relationship with one another is initiated shortly before the beginning of this book. While we don’t SEE their first meeting, we get enough information about it to know how it happened and not to feel like we are missing out (plus if you buy the boxed set in February, you’ll get to read that part anyhow!). Where we pick up here, is with Logan starting a case that involves investigating a death on a cruise ship. A BDSM Lifestyles cruise ship, I might add. But he needs to do so under cover! So who better to bring along for the trip to serve as his ‘beard’ so to speak, than his new Little, Emily?

So, without saying to much, I will say the beginning of this book threw me off kilter a little bit. Almost directly from the start, Emily gets tangled up in the middle of Logan addressing a very personal, private issue and she inadvertently (in the beginning at least) becomes part of his healing process. At first, it’s very confusing and uncomfortable for her because she doesn’t understand what’s happening. For a minute, I was really scared this was going to turn bad.

But, she, being the sensitive empath that she is, understood more than I did at the time. Something important is happening that Logan needs, and thus she allows the scene between them to finish without stopping what’s happened.

Once he explains, and she understands, it only reaffirms her suspicions that he’d badly needed what she has given him, and she sees how vulnerable he had to be to show her this dark, secret part of himself that he’s so ashamed of. She appreciates how valuable that kind of trust is, especially for someone you haven’t known long. Her acceptance and supportive response to his admissions pretty much astonishes him, and he’s obviously overcome with affection for his sweet Emily.

Of course now, everything is right back on track, with both parties having a greater understanding of the other once they start this trip. Having this emotional of an interaction so early in their relationship wasn’t something I (or either of them) were prepared for, but it definitely sets a sweet, hopeful tone for the rest of the book.

They set off on their cruise, and while Logan DOES spend a lot of time interviewing staff and guests, and generally investigating the events surrounding the death of a former passenger, these passages are never boring or stilted. In fact, it’s kind of interesting to see how his mind works in a professional capacity. Plus, it’s a lifestyle cruise! There are tons of steamy ‘scenes’ and sexy times between Logan and Emily.

It’s pretty obvious from the very beginning that their connection and chemistry is pretty out of this world. It’s a fact that’s only reaffirmed as the book progresses and the characters grow closer.

One thing I loved about this book was that this wasn’t all ‘wine and roses’, so to speak. Neither Emily or Logan were perfect. They both made assumptions, didn’t understand, and made mistakes when dealing with one another. They were human. When another kick in the gut from his past hits Logan while they are on the cruise, Emily stands by him supportively with the sort of faith you’d expect to see from a long term partner. Even so early on, we’re seeing that despite their differences and disagreements, they always have each other’s backs. I liked that they had to learn about one another, sometimes by making those mistakes, so that they could grow together as a couple.

As the investigation comes to a head, danger steps in to interrupt their happiness with a right hook I didn’t see coming. Get some tissues, ya’ll. You’ll probably need them for this last bit.

Despite the devastation and upset, in the end Logan’s case is closed, and he and Emily are closer than ever. It wraps up nicely with a happy for now, indicating clearly that Logan and Emily’s relationship will continue into the next book.

Overall, five out of five stars from this reader. As always you get a good bang for your buck with this book, as it’s a thick sucker that will easily suck away several days of your life in the most delightful way!

As I mentioned before, there is another book in this series currently out, along with the third coming and a special boxed set featuring the beginning both the first and second book, their intro to each other, and a special short novella as well. You can find each of these respectively by clicking the images below –>

Book 2
Book 3 (Coming 02/14/21)
Boxed Set (Coming 02/14/21) Featuring Book 0.5, Book 1, Book 2, & a Novella

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Book Review – Neon Blue by EJ Frost

Hey all! I know it’s been a while since I did a book review, but I’m getting back in the swing of things!

Now, if you aren’t familiar with EJ Frost, she is an awesome author and a amazingly positive force in the indie writing community. She’s really a treasure.

Of recent I’ve read four… No, wait. Four and a half of her books. One was a short. Anyhow, expect to be seeing more EJ Frost books in reviews in the coming weeks.

Anyhow! On to the review.

Today’s book is Neon Blue, a contemporary witch/demon dark romance (sort of). For future reference, you can find it here –>

An urban witch.
A hungry demon.
A soul on the line.

My name is Tsara Elizabeth Faa, and I have a demon problem. A very serious demon problem.

My ex-best friend has summoned an incubus, and left me to deal with him. Now he’s after my soul.

Thing is, the more time I spend with him, the more I want to give it to him.

One thing I’ve discovered in reading EJ’s work is that her writing style is very unique and immersive. You’re going to get caught up in this story, and at Amazon’s estimated 320 pages long, you’d better plan on setting some time aside for it. Once you start, it’s going to be hard to put it down. I was literally able to accomplish nothing noteworthy for the several days it took me to read this book. Every real life task I had to do was a complete and utter annoyance. XD

While I’m a fan of demons in paranormal writing, I don’t generally have much interest in the witch aspect of the paranormal genre. However, I gave it a chance and I was super glad I did.

Tsara’s life is somewhat ‘normal’ for a witch. This woman is out there every day, helping other people with her magical gifts. They don’t know it, of course, but she’s using her skills for good. She gets paid, too, naturally. But that’s really besides the point when she’s expending so much energy helping other people’s dreams come true.

Our h has a pretty nonexistent love life. Her social life isn’t much better unless you count the numerous supernatural creatures that often make uninvited appearances in her inner circle. Understandable, given the circumstances (namely, that most people aren’t supposed to KNOW she’s a witch) that make it difficult to have close relationships that are generally built on trust and acceptance from your partner and friends.

Early on, I found myself not only identifying with Tsara (amazing, since she’s a witch and I am not XD), but feeling her loneliness and general dissatisfaction with her life on a deeply personal level. Don’t get me wrong, she tries to have a positive outlook, but some days it’s hard, isn’t it? Especially when people disappoint us and things don’t go the way we hoped. We’ve all been there. As the story moved along, I found myself ‘feeling’ what was happening right along with Tsara so deeply that my mood was often tainted by what was happening in the book when I last left off reading it. For me, this was huge.

In my opinion, the mark of a good book is one that makes the reader FEEL. The relatability of EJ’s characters makes this especially easy, and the feels are abundant in this book. Sadness, hope, arousal and pleasure, loss, betrayal, anger, happiness, MORE BETRAYAL… It’s all here, and you’ll feel it ALL.

Also… Sexy as f*ck demon who casually invades her life? Uh, yes please. MOAR Jou please. But I’m going to need a fan, ya’ll. Every little thing he does is…. Well, dark magic. Hawt. XD

The world building is extensive, as it is in all of EJ’s books. She paints a rich landscape full of details that manages to avoid being as cumbersome and intrusive as some intricate setting structures can be. Her characters, even in the most ridiculous of circumstances, somehow manage to remain true to their nature, making decisions and executing actions that are wholly believable and reasonable given the insanity of their lives. It makes it easy to stay submerged in the story.

I’m trying to be vague here. I don’t really want to give anything away. >.>

What I can tell you, in summary, is this-Neon Blue is a hot and sexy dark romance full of amazing creatures and engaging characters that also manages to be deep enough that you are absolutely going to be heartbroken or angry raging by the end (somehow, I didn’t see it coming, even though I really really should have). It’s a soft cliffhanger, as it is the first book in a series. There’s a beginning, middle, and ‘end for now’. You’ll get some wrap up, but it’s very obvious this isn’t the end of the road for these characters.

As a note, there’s also a short that goes along with this series. It comes after this book. You can find it here –>

So, in closing… This is an awesome book. EJ Frost is a pretty epic writer, and totally underrated in my humble opinion. Her books can be a bit of a commitment due to the length, but you certainly get a bang for your buck, so to speak. For a speedy reader like me, it’s fabulous!

EJ has also written some fantastic Daddy/little/BDSM/Investigative fiction and some Scifi that’s great as well. I’ll eventually be doing reviews on those as well. Having read four of her books across very different genres, I can confidently recommend just about everything she writes.

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