Dark Prompt Book Surprise Release!

That’s right, I’m sneaky. Well, not so much. But hey, I have something new for you!

No, it isn’t a novel. It’s an inspirational prompt book for writers born of my Omegaverse Reader’s Unite group, where I posted and compiled prompts weekly that I’d written for the group. Now, a good portion of them are contained in this new pretty little book!

Here’s the blurb from Reticent!

⭐πŸ”₯β­π—‘π—˜π—ͺ π—₯π—˜π—Ÿπ—˜π—”π—¦π—˜β­πŸ”₯⭐

Merel Pierce and Reticent Desire Publications are proud to bring you what we hope will be the first in a new series of books by writers, for writers.

Whether you write for fun or professionally, finding inspiration can sometimes be difficult. Well, we’re here to help!

We’ve compiled a book of fifty writing prompts for fans of dark fiction in this gorgeous little book! Featuring a customizable table of contents (so you can title your prompt writings and keep track of them more easily) and two pages worth of dedicated writing space per prompt, this conveniently sized paperback is a dream!

The grunge like interior design is certain to set the mood for your dark musings!

If we succeed with this little book we will be doing other themes such as romance, sci-fi, paranormal, and more!

Find it here —->

Happy writing ya’ll!

‘Yes, Alpha’ is live!

That’s right!

‘Yes, Alpha’, the first novella in my new ‘His Willing Omega’ series, is live on amazon! This sexy, consensual Omegaverse/BDSM series is a short, yummy read! Purchase your copy, or rent it for free with KU, the choice is yours!


I don’t belong here.
A BDSM club isn’t a safe place for an unattached Omega.
I should know better, but I can’t help myself.
He’s just too perfect an Alpha to resist.



She’s so sweet and vulnerable,
I can hardly stand it.
She needs a real Alpha to show her how it’s meant to be.
She may not wear my mark,
but she’ll wear my collar.

ARC Signups Open for ‘Yes, Alpha’

It’s that time again! Taking sign-ups for ARC for ‘Yes, Alpha’, my new BDSM Omegaverse novella coming out September 28th.

If you’ve already beta read the first draft you’re in automatically. Just pm me your email address if you’d like to do it! Everyone else, you’ve got till Tuesday to sign up πŸ˜€ Follow the link —>

Cover Reveal – ‘Yes, Alpha’

For those who weren’t at the Dark Romance Party for the early reveal, here is the cover of my upcoming novella, due out end of September πŸ˜€

‘His Willing Omega’ is a an Omegaverse BDSM novella series that explores a consensual, erotic relationship between an Alpha and Omega. This first book is titled ‘Yes, Alpha’, and will be a KU exclusive. Don’t worry, there will be drama and challenges to overcome, and the sex will still be hot as fire, even if the Omega consents! XD
Keep your eye out for updates! More information coming soon!

Exclusive Cover Reveal!

Book news!
My newest release is set for September/October!

If you’d like an exclusive sneak peek at the cover, join us tomorrow at ‘Dark Romance Author Party Central’ on Facebook for the reveal and our first party! Otherwise, you have to wait a whole week for the reveal, and all you get is this teaser! >3 Muahaha!

Come join the fun tomorrow from 10am -10pm ctd and meet all of our great authors and up-and-comers! –>

Beta Readers needed for new Omegaverse Novella


I am looking for four beta readers for my upcoming Omegaverse novella, ‘Yes, Alpha’.

This is a consensual, BDSM Alpha/Omega book that establishes the relationship for the MC’s. It is the first in a series, 22,000 words, with a soft cliffhanger.

Ideally, I would need you to be able to read it within the next week and a half, and provide any feedback or input you may have before I goes to the editor. If you are interested and have the avialable time, please comment here. I will close the post and notify people when I have chosen my readers! ❀

Facebook Author Takeover/Promo Group

Morning everyone! Happy Sunday!

I’ve started a group to host author parties on Facebook, with a twist on the normal ‘party group’. Not only will we feature traditionally and self-published authors, but also those who use Wattpad, Literotica, Fiction Press, etc.

We will be allowing promos and encouraging members to share books they love, and talk about all things dark romance πŸ˜€

Next month, I’d like to host our first big party, but we need members for that! Would you please consider sharing this group with your friends? Thanks!