New Omegaverse Release – ‘Broken’ by Eva Dresden

Just stopping in with quick review and recommendation for a new author and book!

If you like your Omegaverse pitch black, this is the book for you. If you want a HEA, you won’t get it. At least not in THIS part of the series. Dear god, for our poor MC Omega’s sake, I hope she gets one some day, cause… Damn. ;.;

Quinn struggles in a world where Omegas are viewed as less than nothing and Alphas reign supreme. She scrapes by one day at a time, selling the illusion of sex with trays full of drinks.

Until Tobias Kahler appears, ruining everything. Ruining her.

Taken by an Alpha who will not be denied, she fights to keep her sanity and herself alive. Broken, she’s forced to endure untold evil.

For the spark of hope buried under all of the pain, she’ll do a lot more than that.

Broken is the first book in the Omega’s Destruction series, a raw and thrilling Omegaverse tale. It is not a traditional romance, containing dark, explicit themes and complete power exchange. These scenes are graphic and may trigger some readers. If this material offends you, please do not purchase.



Many Omegaverse books promise us darkness, but Eva delivers with devastating skill…

The characters are raw, relatable (some of them, some of them are ‘hate-able’), and so real that it’s easy to lose yourself in the story. You’ll also feel a heart wrenching cacophony of emotions.

What’s most horrifying and tragic about this story is how closely it mimics the everyday life of hundreds of thousands of people. That’s also the most artful and beautiful aspect of it. It’s so, so, REAL.

Eva’s Omegaverse is all her own. It’s dark, wretched, raw, and surprisingly sexy. I had a serious book hangover after this one, but it was definitely worth it. Looking forward to the next book!

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The Sacred Omegas Paperback Is Live!

You guys…. They are here and they are so pretty! I am really trying not to touch those velvety matte covers. So exciting! If you want a paperback copy of The Sacred Omegas, it is now available on Amazon. Keep scrolling down for preview pics! You can purchase it here —->


(don’t mind the white specs on the cover, static cling from packing material :D)

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New! Monthly Contest for Newsletter Subscribers :D


Hey guys! New contest

I will now be holding a monthly contest for my email newsletter subscribers (not to be confused with blog subscribers, though I love you guys).

Prizes may include anything ranging from signed paperback copies of ‘The Sacred Omegas’ to swag items like stickers, coffee mugs, key chains, bookmarks, and more!

The winner will be announced on the first of each month.

To qualify, please sign up at the link below, and if possible share this post with your friends, or in any group you feel may enjoy my work Newsletter signup’s can be done here —>

If you are already on my list, you’re already qualified

If you haven’t read ‘The Sacred Omegas’, my dark Omegaverse romance, it is live on Amazon, and can be found here for the low price of $2.99 —>…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: Due to user abuse of my last contest, each subscriber is allowed only ONE subscription email. DO NOT sign up with multiple email addresses, or you will be disqualified and removed from the newsletter list (ya’ll aren’t even sneaky about it, ok? XD)

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Ok, I might be a little excited XD It’s also my birthday!

Guys, guys! The Sacred Omegas is live!

That’s right, my first novel, an Omegaverse dark romance, is officially published! After starting this process in October, just posting my first few chapters to get opinions on Wattpad, I never thought I’d be publishing my first book within the year!

The response, support, and encouragement I received gave me the courage to push forward, and I have learned so much through the process! I’ve actually decided to start helping other authors make their way to publication, as I see how difficult it can be for those who don’t have the time or funds needed to dedicate to the process of publication.

Thank you all so much for your support! Please, if you’ve read the book (either the revised or rough draft) consider leaving a review. Goodreads features a version of the book that is connected to the rough draft, so people who initially read it on wattpad may wish to review there. It’s also listed on bookbubs and Amazon.


available now

Pre-Release Update!

Hey ya’ll! Hope you are having a great day. I know I am. Guess what tomorrow is? >.> <.<


That’s right, my debut novel, ‘The Sacred Omegas Book One – December’ releases tomorrow! I am so excited 😀 What’s more, the one and only Sara Fields read my book, and gave it a glowing review!

new banner

How amazing is that? 😀

You can find it here:


I am so excited! Thank you guys for being part of this!


Here’s the list of my sites, if you haven’t followed me yet!






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Special Contest for Email Newsletter Subscribers


Use this email subscriber contest

Hey everyone! Release day is almost here! Thursday, the 23rd in fact. In celebration, I’ve decided to open a special contest for my email newsletter subscribers (not to be confused with my blog followers, though I love you guys <3).  Here are the details!

What do you have to do to enter? Well, subscribe, silly! There is a sign up button right below the banner at the top of my author page. (which you can find here –>)


1st Prize: Signed paperback copy of ‘The Sacred Omegas’, and a swag package (bookmarks, stickers, coffee mug).
2nd Prize: Swag package (see above)
3rd Prize: Free Ebook copy of ‘The Sacred Omegas’

Here are the details:

1. Sign up for my email list by Wednesday May 22 to enter.
2. Keep an eye out for an email from merel.pierce on Thursday, May 23rd to announce the winners.
3. Reply to the email to claim your prize. If you are the recipient of the 1st or 2nd prize and do not wish to have a package mailed to your home, please inform me that you wish to forfeit your prize to the next party. If you’d like a free ebook copy in exchange, please specify in your response!
And that’s it!

Facebook WordPress and Amazon are in no way affiliated with this contest. You know, because, reasons.

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Cover Reveal, and Pre-Orders Open!

Well, since Amazon jumped the  gun and released me pre-order while I was sleeping, here I am, announcing several hours later that pre-orders are open! Lol. Also, here’s the  cover reveal for my upcoming debut release, ‘The Sacred Omegas’ Book One – December, a dark Omegaverse Romance (keep scrolling for the pre-order link)

the sacredeboo

Ok, I’m excited. Are you excited? I sure am! XD I release May 23rd (also my birthday, just fyi >.>), but you can claim your copy early with the pre-order, which you can find here:


Also, in another update, ARC’s are closed, and have been sent out! So exciting! I will be posting again soon! Much love, and best wishes!

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ARC Signup’s Are Open!

Yup, because I don’t like to wait until the last minute, I am opening ARC (advanced reader copy) sign ups now! I will be accepting forms through April 27th, and sending out the ARC copies of my first novel, ‘The Sacred Omega’s Book One – December’ on May first, the same day I plan to do my cover reveal.

This novel is a dark omegaverse romance. There is violence, strong language, and an assault (so be warned), and if you can get through all that darkness you’ll also have all the erotic fun to enjoy. If you are interested in participating, please click the link below 😀

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Advise for new authors who want to self-publish

So, even though I’m just edging towards publishing my first book, I’ve learned so much already! Because of the countless hours I’ve spent reading and making calls, I thought I’d share a little bit of what I’ve learned with those authors who are considering self publication, or may just be embarking on their writing journey. Take it with a grain of salt, do with it what you will!


Are you considering self-publishing? Yes? Ok.

1. Decide early on if it’s going to be a hobby, or if you want to pursue the writing as a career or side job.

2. In most states, your writing will be looked upon by the government as a hobby, until you meet or break a certain $ point. It’s advisable to find out where that margin is, as you are generally required to pay taxes on earnings that go over that amount in the calendar year. This, of course, varies from state to state.

3. Research your states laws in reference to ‘Doing Business As’ or Fictitious name usage. I.E. Your Pen Name. Some states require you to register any name that you intend to do business with that is NOT your legally given name. In some places, it’s even considered a misdemeanor if you do not (all though you may not be required to register at all in other places). Also, registering a fictitious name filing (Doing Business As)  offers you an additional layer of protection relating to your writing.

4. Research your state’s small business website. If you anticipate making your writing into an actual business, and plan to treat it as such, investigate what it would take to register as a business in your state. There are different forms of registration (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc), and different requirements for claiming business identification numbers (which many sites ask you for to prove you are a business and make you eligible to be tax exempt on some purchases). Is it worth it, to you?

5. If you are choosing to register as a business, keep receipts for every purchase related to your writing. Whether it’s purchasing notebooks, office equipment, isbn numbers, paying a cover artist, editor, etc, KEEP IT. I recommend getting a file box for all your records. These purchases are usually tax deductible at the end of the year, and will count as losses against your earnings for the year. This often positively impacts the amount of taxes you are required to pay, as many government entities expect small business’s to be in the red at first.

6. If you are planning to self-publish, for God’s sake, do your research. While there is a lot of advise offered in Facebook groups, I recommend seeking out writers guilds and self-publishing websites that may have treasure troves of information to help you along the way. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve asked questions in Facebook groups full of supposedly ‘experienced writers’ who have given me awful advise (i.e. don’t register your pen name, self-publishing doesn’t cost money, you don’t have to claim your writing income on your taxes, etc.’). Be very careful who you chose to listen to. When you think you know everything and you’ve read so many articles you are sick of it? Read some more. XD

7. Don’t rush yourself! I think once everyone gets it in their mind that they want to self-publish, they are so excited to get it done that they rush through the most important parts of the process. You sell yourself short when you do this, so try to set realistic goals and not stretch yourself too thin.

8. Make a plan. List everything that you need to do, then break it down into monthly or weekly checklists that you feel are reasonable for you to accomplish based on time and budget. (I.E. complete manuscript and send to editor, research cover artists, compile a list of sites I can promote on, research formatting or people who can do my formatting, set up a facebook author page, etc.)

9. BUDGET! Don’t put yourself in debt. Now, I’m not saying that you can do this without spending any money. Unless you have mad Photoshop skills, know all the formatting rules and how to do it, etc., you’re going to have to spend some money. But, make your plan around your budget, so you aren’t adding financial stress to this process.

10. DON’T SKIMP! Please, don’t do this to yourself! You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your dream come true, but if you want it to take it seriously you need to take care of it and groom it for success. If you can get a cheap, sort of sloppy cover now, or save and get a cover you absolutely love that costs a little more by an experienced designer in a month or two, WAIT AND SAVE. If you can’t afford an editor, save until you can. NO ONE recommends publishing your novel when you are the only one that’s edited it. Why? Because even if you are an English Major, it’s unlikely you will catch all your own mistakes. Lets face it, most of us ARE NOT English Majors, and there will be errors in punctuation, grammar, word usage, spelling, plot holes, sentence structure, etc. that you just won’t see because you’ve stared at it for so long that it just won’t register. People are constantly complaining about the quality of books available on kindle and how there is such an obvious lack of polishing before publication. No one wants to read a book chocked full of errors or bad writing. Even if your story holds a lot of promise, if it’s obvious you edited it yourself (and failed) they won’t finish reading your book, and if they do they are unlikely to buy your next one.

11. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, whether it be in a group or of authors that you admire. A lot of them are super friendly, and more than happy to offer a helpful bit of advise. We’ve all been here, right? Just starting out, totally clueless, looking for someone wiser to share their insight. The worst they can do is ignore you, right? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. This goes for contractors as well (editors and cover artists, the person doing your formatting, etc.). If you are paying for a service, you have a right to ask questions, even if you think they are silly or you might be wasting someone’s time. Your time is just as important, and if they are a true professional they will not have any problem answering your questions.

And for now, I think I’ll stop! If you enjoyed this or found it helpful, leave a comment! I’d be happy to continue to share my novice insights, if anyone is interested 😀 Have a great night!

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