PA and Book Services

Currently, I am offering limited services for Authors.

If you have any questions, or would like examples of my work, please feel free to message me.

Book Services

Ebook Formatting (basic) – $10.00

Paperback Formatting (basic) – $25.00

Proofing Services (basic errors with punctuation, extra spaces, spelling errors, etc.) – $35.00-$95.00 (I am not a professional editor, but I have been assisting in basic edits for multiple authors for more than a year)

Ebook Cover Work (render or traditional) – $50.00-75.00

Ebook and Paperback Cover Work Set (render or traditional) $100-$125

(please see my art services tab for examples of my cover work)

I also offer numerous promo image and swag merchandise design services. Please view the art services tab for examples and information.

Personal Assistant Services

Organization and Management of Advanced Reader Copy Team $35

(These are the people who receive your book in advance of publication in exchange for a promise to post reviews on multiple platforms of your choosing at the time of publication)

I will create or upload your sign-up forms, announce it to the designated readership, manage the participant list, send ARC copies and reminders via your preferred platform, and make certain each person follows through at the time of publication.

For repeat customers using the same base group of ARC readers, the fee to establish the list would be the above $35.00, but every book release following would be only $10.00 to manage the ARC process and ensure reviews. If you already have an established team, please contact me for an estimate.

Online Party Organization and Management $15.00

If you are choosing to promote your book via the hosting of a social media party (Facebook group takeovers, etc.), I will create announcements, graphics, send invites and promote, manage participants and permissions, and help see the party through and make certain contests are closed appropriately.

(package discounts are available for authors hosting more than one party who need assistance)

Engagement Posts and General Promotional Posts (varied)

If you need help keeping up with engagement posts (those designed to draw the attention or interaction of your readers), I can create and post on your behalf on various platforms. Post content will vary depending upon your needs and can be discussed prior. Cost will vary depending upon whether you would like to do a package deal for a set number of posts, or an hourly fee (number of posts provided weekly will be averaged ahead of time). Please contact me with a description of your needs for a quote.

Personal Assistant Package (varied)

If you require more than individual event assistance, you may purchase a personal assistance package. These packages will be custom crafted to meet your needs. They may include the above listed services, as well as other tasks you may require assistance with. Services will be discounted when purchased in packages. Please contact me with a summary of your needs so that I can provide you with a quote.